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What is the right to health?
What are patients’ rights?
Which organisations are there in Turkey in this field?
What are the main breaches concerning patients’ rights?
Where and how can I apply in case of a misdeed (malpractice)?
Patients’ rights in institutional settings



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Platform For Patients’ Rights

About us

It’s been over 10 years since the first voluntary organisation for patients’ rights was formed in Turkey. However, since 2004, we left this association, “Association for the Rights of Patients’ and Patients’ Relatives Rights”, to start a new social platform in our struggle to inform the public and organise action based on solidarity in the field of right to health and patients’ rights.

Platform for Patients’ Rights is a democratical, absolutely participatory organisation, where everyone is free to express his/her concerns, ideas and troubles in the field of health care, with no expectation or prospect of gain other than defending and developing patients’ rights and the right to health. Health care professionals, patients and patients’ families, care providers, health activists, human rights activists, all kinds of organisations operating in the field of health and health care are welcome to take part in our platform, be it individually or as an institution. Our goal is to develop the level of consciousness in the broader public concerning patients’ rights and the right to health, as well as defend and expand patients’ rights in practical contexts.

We are also offering assistance to foreigners who encountered any form of medical mistreatment or had to endure problems resulting from health professional's malpractice during their visit in Turkey. Speaking no Turkish, it could be difficult for foreigners to formulate a complaint against the responsible medical authorities, and our platform is here to help them in pursuing their case.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail under: kizilca2002@yahoo.com